Salem Art Gallery is Closed for the Season

Ready for a spontaneous religious pilgrimage? We warmly invite you to a weekend long event exploring satanism in academia with Massimo Introvigne, Richard Noll and Joseph Laycock. We’ll start off on the evening of Friday the 13th with an intimate tea with Lucien Greaves and visiting scholars. Saturday rounds out with Scholars Confront The Satanic Temple: An International Debate–a panel discussion focusing on TST’s place in Satanism, theocracy and moral panics.

Friday, July 13th:
Private Event: Evening Tea with Lucien Greaves
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Lucien will join the lecturers for a private donor-only formal tea.
$250 per ticket

Saturday, July 14th:
Public Lecture: Scholars Confront The Satanic Temple: An International Debate
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
A discussion of TST by academics who study new religions and moral panics.
$20 per ticket.

Click image above or get tickets here.


Salem Art Gallery is only open for special events right now. Please check back for daily hours which will be forthcoming.

Please check back here and at for information about upcoming events.